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Do I need a prescription to make a purchase?

You can purchase eyeglass frames without a prescription if you want prescription-free glasses or sunglasses. We can also contact your doctor’s office to obtain your prescription if you do not have it with you or read your current glasses if they have been made recently. If you simply want to purchase a frame from us and have your doctor put the lenses in, that’s okay, too. However, we can’t provide a warranty for the frame if another company manufactures/inserts the lenses.


Does my prescription need to be from your doctor?

Absolutely not. Until only a few years ago, most of our business was based solely on referrals from optometrists and ophthalmologists. We accept current prescriptions from optometrists and ophthalmologists located anywhere in the world. With your permission, we are happy to contact your physician’s office to obtain your prescription.


Can I buy the frames only?

Yes, but we can’t provide a frame warranty unless we provide your prescribed lenses as well.


Can I use my current frame and only update my lenses?

Yes, but our opticians may advise against it—or suggest a new frame—if they don’t think your current frame will hold up for the life of the lenses.


Can you order a frame that is not in your store?

We can order current frames from manufacturers that are currently in a distribution agreement with us. We simply require a small deposit. If you later choose not to use that frame, the amount of the deposit can be used for any purchase with Arlington Optical. Our opticians will determine accessibility and turnaround time for special orders.


What is the typical turnaround time?

Typically, single-vision orders take about two to three days, while progressive lenses may take seven to 10 days, depending on the materials and coatings used. Special orders (prisms, glass lenses, etc.) may require a longer time period.


What is your warranty policy?

Products are covered under warranty for manufacturer defects only. If we put the lenses in your frame, then your frame warranty is protected against manufacturer defects for one year. Lens warranties are good for one year and cover scratches, anti-reflective coating defects, and cracking and splitting. If damage is the result of neglect or accidental mishandling, it is not covered under any warranty.


What is your payment policy?

Because all prescription eyewear is custom made for your unique vision needs, we require a minimum deposit of 50% at the time of the order. The balance is due when the completed eyewear is delivered. If eyewear is purchased with vision insurance (Eyemed or VSP), the insurance company requires payment in full when the order is placed.