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Care You Can Count On

At Arlington Optical, we know that regular eye exams are an important part of your overall health and wellness routine, especially since many problems with the eye have no associated symptoms. Like so many health problems, early diagnosis is critical. And while needs vary according to age and other factors, it’s vitally important to take care of your eyes and protect your vision. For most individuals, we recommend that eye exams take place every one or two years. Contact lens wearers are legally required to have eye exams every year. Truth is, all the carrots in the world can’t replace the need for regular professional eye care.

But even if you haven’t seen us—or any optometrist—in awhile, we will still welcome you with open arms and excellent care. Every person who enters our doors is a valued customer. From replacing broken eyeglass parts, to filling a new prescription, to guiding you through the entire selection process, our trained opticians are here to serve you. Simply put, providing one-on-one personalized service is what we do best.

Eye Exams

Dr. Leslie Humphrey is an independent optometrist who offers comprehensive eye exams for patients of all ages at both of our locations. Whether you need a new eyeglass prescription, contact lens fitting, glaucoma screening—or you wake up in the morning with pinkeye—she can help.

A typical exam might include a refraction to provide your eyeglass prescription, fitting for contact lenses, and dilation of your eyes to test for cataracts, macular degeneration, diabetic eye disease, thyroid eye disease and signs of high blood pressure in your eyes. Dr. Humphrey can even help with medical issues like pinkeye, also called conjunctivitis. As a low-vision consultant, she can help you determine which aids are best for optimizing your vision.

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