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Every morning wash your lenses and nosepads with water and a drop of dish soap, then rinse.

Dry your eyewear with a clean cotton cloth (without fabric softener).

Store your eyeglasses in their case so the lenses do not get damaged.

Occasional smudges during your day? Spray cleaning solution on your lensesand wipe with a clean microfiber (don’t forget to wash the cloth frequently).


We want to keep your sweet new eyewear looking great and performing well. Please come in every 6 months so we can perform maintenance and adjust your eyewear for ultimate comfort.

If you need a repair, we can order most parts for manufacturer in-stock frames. When the parts are delivered, we simply refit your eyewear so they perform as originally intended.

As always, adjustments are complimentary for the life of your Arlington Optical specs.


Defective frames: Manufacturer warranties will usually cover repair/replacement of manufacturer defects within the frame warranty period of one year.

Accidental damage: If the breakage is due to accidental damage, the manufacturer will not cover the repair.

Scratched lenses: If your lenses are accidentally scratched within the first 12 months, we will replace your lenses, one time, at no charge.

We suggest you have a backup pair of glasses as it can take several weeks to assess damage and /or receive parts.


Arlington Optical offers one-time remakes IF your doctor changes your vision prescription within 60 days of when we made your lenses. Arlington Optical will provide you with a one-time FREE same-lens replacement.

Keep in mind that this does not include upgrades, and it could take two to four weeks to create your new lenses. Medical/surgical changes are not eligible for no-charge remakes.

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