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More to It Than Meets the Eye

One of our primary goals at Arlington Optical is to provide you with the most up-to-date technology in eye care. Our in-house lab truly positions us ahead of the competition in this regard. It ensures that all of our lenses are made according to the most stringent, high-quality specifications and that the work is performed in an efficient and timely manner. Because we’ve invested in the best equipment available, we can produce the best prescription finishings—guaranteed.


Santinelli ME1200 Edger

Arlington Optical is the first retail optical east of the Mississippi River to use the complete ME1200 Edger and Blocker series by Santinelli. This state-of-the-art tool allows us to do steep and high-curve beveling, design cut, faceting and jewel insets, 3D drilling and grooving, and advanced shape editing. Best of all, everything is custom ground and finished in our own lab by our own expert craftsmen. It’s our way of providing you with the best quality possible. To see the edger in action, click here



Zeiss i.Terminal
This photo capture system automatically measures several fitting parameters while you’re wearing your new frame—the distance between your pupils (pd), fitting height, tilt of the frame, and distance between the back of the lens and front of the eyes. Part computer and part optical scanner, it revolutionizes the fitting and measurement process for progressive and single-vision lenses. The result? Lenses that are totally customized to your prescription, frame, face and personal preference.

With accuracy that falls within 1/10 of a millimeter, the i.Terminal considers the size, shape and tilt of the frame, whether you prefer to wear your eyeglasses up high on your bridge or down low, the distance of the actual lens from your eye, as well as the height of the lenses themselves and your specific prescription. With this advanced technology, we can fit your eyeglasses with the most precise lenses available—ensuring the best vision possible.

The i.Terminal transforms ordinary vision into something extraordinary. It’s quick, comfortable—and unbelievably accurate.


Essilor OptifogOpti Fog lens
Frustrated with eyeglasses that unexpectedly fog and interfere with your vision? We offer Optifog lenses from Essilor, special lenses with anti-fogging properties. These lenses eliminate the otherwise uncontrollable inconvenience of foggy lenses.