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Specialty Specs for Special Activities

Different strokes for different folks, they say. Based on your lifestyle and activities, you may be in need of some specialty eyewear. Here are a few ways we can help with the task at hand.

Computer Eyewear:
If you’re spending long hours at the computer, we can make customized eyewear that is specifically designed to enhance ergonomic working distances. These eyeglasses are equipped with special lenses for computer use or as progressive lenses to be used for both computer work and for reading. Or try our Chemistrie reader magnetic clip-on lenses, with power up to +2.50, which act as a magnifier for computer use. You must have the Chemistrie magnet implanted in your eyewear lenses to use this option.

3D Eyewear

3D Eyewear

3-D Eyewear:
Chemistrie lenses can be made into 3-D lenses that enhance your 3-D TV and theater viewing. Once the Chemistrie magnet is imbedded in your lenses, it’s as simple as snapping the clip onto your lenses.  We can also make you a separate complete pair of 3-D glasses.

Specific Task Eyewear:
Regardless of the task, we have a magnifying lens that facilitates the process. From beading and needlework to stamp collecting or fly-tying, our custom eyewear is designed to accommodate your special interests.

Sports Eyewear:
specialty swim gogglesFrom the basketball court to the deep, blue sea, it’s always best to protect your eyes when participating in certain activities. That’s why smart athletes wear protective eyewear. At Arlington Optical, we not only offer protective eyewear to enhance the performance of all types of athletes, we even adapt your prescription to the protective eyewear best suited to your sport. So whether you’re swinging the bat, scuba diving or showing off your latest golf swing, we can outfit you with the proper protective eyewear.

Music Eyewear:
Musicians depend on their eyewear to work effectively at the right focal distance. Whether conducting the orchestra or playing an instrument, it’s crucial that a musician’s eyewear works in harmony with the distance required to perform.

Safety Eyewear:
It’s important to protect your baby blues, especially from workplace hazards like extreme impact or laser light. Ensure the durability and protection you need with safety eyewear from Arlington Optical, and rest assured that all of our safety eyewear meets or exceeds ANSI 87 standards.

Extra Help for Low Vision or Macular Degeneration

Perhaps you need a simple magnifier for the occasional fine print that you encounter. Or maybe it’s time for a vision aid that will help you with the vision limitations imposed by macular degeneration. Either way, we’re happy to offer the most extensive selection of high-quality, low-vision aids in Central Ohio. We suggest that you schedule a low-vision consultation with our optometrist to determine the best product for your needs, or one of our opticians will help you select an appropriate product.

• Hand-held LED magnifiers
• Stand magnifiers
• Head-borne magnifiers
• Computer magnifiers
• Glare control sunshields (absorptive filters)
• Magnifying spectacles for detail and TV viewing (Max Detail and Max-TV)
• Low-vision lifestyle accessories